Who are we?

Emerging Leaders isn’t “just another leadership organization.” It is our goal every year to take a small group of first year students and help them discover and develop their own personal leadership styles. We want you to have a spectacular first year at Tech, of course, but we’ll also get you to start looking beyond that first year. Through EL you’ll hone your leadership, communications, networking and interpersonal skills and establish a path of success that will reach into your junior and senior years, and even beyond your college career!


Hmm…sounds like big talk for a FLO. Can you really do all that?

Yes! And we have! We’re proud to have former Emerglings (our loving name for our freshman members) now serve as FASET leaders, student government representatives, leaders in the Greek Community, members of the Executive Round Table, presidents of cultural organizations, founders of diversity and service clubs, teaching and research assistants, and even interns and co-ops with prestigious corporations like General Electric, Coca-Cola and NASA!

Our focus on helping you set your goals, and then giving you the skills to reach them, is really what sets us apart from the multitude of leadership organizations on campus. And we go about this in two basic parts.

The first half of our year we work to develop leadership skills through weekly meetings. For these 1-1.5 hour meetings, we invite prominent leaders from on and off campus to share their views on specific aspects of leadership, as well as the steps they took to get to their position. We’ve had Val Peterson speak about her passion for service, Corporate Relations Manager Stan Broome discuss public speaking and interviewing, and other such figures discuss many other topics.

We’re extremely passionate about our group, and we’re looking for freshmen who will help us take that passion to the next level. From our initial Fall retreat, to our final Spring “Emerged” Banquet, we want to build a strong team of leaders and, most importantly, friends. It’s great as a freshman to be networking with the future top dogs on campus, and you might just end up with a couple of them in your speed dial!


Not bad, but what about the second part?

While the first part of the year is an opportunity to learn about leadership from some of GT’s most prominent leaders, the second part is all about putting those new skills into practice!

We do two big service projects (at the end of the Fall and Spring), as well as a variety of smaller projects. These projects are planned and run completely by the Emerglings. The Fall project bears a special position though in that it has become our annual, much-anticipated donut social. We pass out hot coffee and donuts at midnight every night of dead week (the week before finals) to students studying late in the library. Beyond that simple mission, the rest is up to you! Last year we gave out over 1,200 donuts, coffee, and  almost 1,000 Monster energy drinks!

Check out our Events page to learn more about our big projects!

We also do periodic smaller projects, both to give back to our community and to keep us working as a team (and get away from Tech for a bit to have some fun!) We’ve done everything from park cleanups to manning a balloon in the Atlanta Children’s Parade.

For the Spring project, things get pretty epic. We give you a bigger budget and a whole semester to plan a project that will rock the campus and put your leadership abilities to the test. Past groups have hosted a free night of pool/ping-pong/bowling tournaments, a carnival featuring RC car racing and chalk art competitions, lots of free food and drinks, and most recently event that created over 300 bags of necessities for the homeless of Atlanta! Now it’ll be up to you to take it to the next level.

The key thing to know is that we want to prepare you for bigger and tougher challenges as you rise to top positions in SGA, Housing, or other organizations. The mix of seminars and hands-on practice will have you acing interviews, networking with Tech’s topmost leaders, and set you up to reach your goals for college and beyond.


Wow! Sign me up!

Emerging Leaders is a Georgia Tech Housing-funded organization, so the program is completely free! Just head over to our application and kick-start an incredible year!



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